Big Tech has a bad rep but facts don’t lie

The fact is, big tech companies are pretty good at securing and protecting the identity of their users.

For the purposes of this discussion, we’ll set aside advertising. (Even advertising is not revealing your individual identity—most of the time.) Big tech companies have both resources and internal data handling guidelines for user data. Smaller startups or websites are simply less likely to have the same rules and access controls in place. There are trustworthy experts watching after services 24 hours a day. You just have to know where to start, and who to trust. Big Tech has been under the microscope for years, and, for legal reasons, maintain internal restrictions and safeguards against wrongful access of user data. This includes protection against data breaches.

So when I’m looking for online identity delegation, I trust the big tech companies because they have the most to lose of my identifying data gets out.

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